We encourage parents to be on time when picking up their child from kinder as children can become distressed. If you are unexpectedly delayed then please phone the kinder to let the teachers know the expected time of arrival. We appreciate that people can be delayed. Parents that are repeatedly late to pick up their children will be liable for both the teacher and assistant wages for each 15 minutes past the set pick up time.

The fee for the first term must be paid in full before you start kindergarten. Failure to pay due fees will mean the Treasurer will initiate the late fee collection process which is outlined in detail in Forms & Policies section. A child will not be able to start a new term unless their fees have been paid. Payment plans are available. Please familiarise yourself with the fee policy. Health care cards and pension cards must be present EVERY TERM in order to receive rebates. The child care rebate is available to people who qualify. Please discuss this with the Treasurer.

The gate must be kept shut at all times. You must only let the children you are responsible for out of the gate. Even if someone is following you out please do not leave the gate open. Toddlers and kindergarten children are put into danger when the gate is not closed. Please be responsible.

Please do NOT drive or park in the lane way as it is very difficult to see children walking in the lane way. We encourage parents to hold their children’s hands when walking down the lane way as this is still a ‘road”. Parking is available at both ends of the lane way.

Families are asked to do gardening duty once a year. Working bees are twice a year. If a family fails to do their duty weekend then a fee of $25.00 will be charged. The roster is given at the start of the year and it is your responsibility to swap with someone if you cannot attend.  For insurance purposes please fill in the volunteer book. Only workers between the age of 12 and 65 are covered by the kinder’s insurance. Parent’s taking children into the kinder grounds during gardening duty, do so at their own risk.

Each child is provided with a hand towel. Laundry rosters will be one the white board. Everyone does washing twice a year.

General notices are place on the board where you sign in. Personal notices will be placed in pigeon holes. Look for your group colour, a board will be available for each group.

All children must bring a hat for outside play. If they don’t have a hat then they must play in the shade. Please send your child with sunscreen already applied.

Please provide your child with comfortable play clothes. The kinder does provide smocks but children can still get dirty. Please put a change of clothes in their bags for when accidents happen (including socks and underwear). Casual slip on style shoes and thongs are to be avoided as they are dangerous when climbing.

We really appreciate parents helping us with our sessions and working with the children. We require two adults to stay on duty each session to help with activities, clean up and have fun. A relative may be able to come if you are a working parent.

We ask that parents place their name on the roster once per term.

When helping out at the kinder for any reason, people need to sign the duty book for insurance purposes. Please check with the Director as to where the book is kept.

If there is a custody dispute between parents of a child and there is any kind of legal documentation regarding this matter, it needs to be made available to the Director. This information will be treated as confidential. The kinder staff have no legal right to prevent a non-custodial parent from taking a child from kinder if there is no legal documentation available.

We will be working on building independence at kinder. One way you can help is by encouraging your child to carry and hang up their own kinder bag, also please make sure their lunchbox and drink bottle is a good size that they can easily get it out of their bag a manage independently.

During the year there will be opportunities for your child to bring special things from home for their show n tell time. These times will be rostered and a note indicating when it is your child’s time will come home in advance.

We ask that your discuss with your child what they may like to bring preferably not toys as they have little value to the group learning.

Things like a bird’s nest, chicken’s egg, feather, insect etc that your child may have found is welcome to come in anytime for a special show n tell as it provides wonderful opportunities for discussion and learning.

We ask that toys be kept at home so as not to be lost or broken whilst at kinder. Our program involves many rich activities and includes interesting equipment for your child to explore and discover.

Birthdays are a special time for young children and we are happy to celebrate them at kinder. We will sing to your child and if they would like to share something with their group of peers then we recommend they bring 1 packet of Natural Confectionery Snakes to share with the whole group.

These have been approved by families as safe however if you would not like your child to be given a snake for birthdays please let staff know.

We strongly promote healthy eating at kinder and suggest that you keep it simple e.g. A sandwich/salad or wrap, a piece of fruit, yoghurt, vegetable sticks or cheese.

Products with the warning “may contain nuts” will be sent back home for your child to consume there as it cannot be consumed at kinder.

As we have children who attend that have serious life threatening allergies we ask that products containing nuts NOT be sent to kinder in lunch boxes.

Parents are required to advise the Pre-School at the commencement of the kinder year any allergies their child may have.

Labelled drink bottle containing WATER, piece of fruit for snack time, hat, change of clothes, and should already have sunscreen applied during Terms 1 & 4.  4 yo Kinder also need to bring lunch.

NO, the centre will apply for funding with the families assistance.

YES, Pre-Schools cannot refuse enrollment to children who are not toilet trained.