On Tuesday 25th August the children got the chance to come to kinder with thier dad at night time for a special night of wild exposure. One child brought along their Pa instead as dad was working away. We got to see and touch variuos animals including reptiles such as a crocodiel and snakes, lizards and amphibians such as a frog. We knew about nocturnal animals but enjoyed holding a tiny possum and watching the beautiful owl use his circular disc face to catch the sound waves. We learnt the difference between a turtle and a tortoise and after all our excitement with the animals Xavier had shown we shared some sometimes food pizza and hot cips together. The children have asked me constantly when we can do it again and have said its their best night ever. The dads also hung around til 8pm to chat with each other and to staff as they expressed how they get so little time at kinder. It was a truly social fun night for all. take a look at our night.

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Wild Exposure : Xavier   & Madeleine Morello 0419822399   www.wildlifexposure.com.au