Preparing &Tasting our Fruit

Today as part of our healthy eating focus we cut up and prepared lots of different fruit ready for tasting.

The children helped to name each of the fruits and then used their fine motor skills to cut up the fruit into pieces ready

The children were excited to make choices about the minimum of 3 fruits they needed to try while others were excited about the getting the maximum  experience by trying them all.

The children communicated their choices to staff who put them into their cup andf then the children carefully used a fork to pick up and taste each of the fruits in their cup

Our main goal of this experience was for each child to be open to trying new foods and be independent in deciding and willing to give new foods a try.

Almost every child continued to come back to the selection table over the 2 hour period and eat cups full of our beautiful juicy fruit. Staff have never seen such great eaters and loved watching them fill up on such healthy food

Next week we will make a salad bowl again being open to trying new foods with the support of our peers.

As educators and also parents ourselves we know first hand how difficult it can be to entice fussy eaters and we believe kinder is the perfect place to support you through planning and implementing these food tasting experiences ongoing throughout the year.

Outcome 3 WELLBEING:

Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.


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