As part of our science studies at kinder today: Monday 16th March we used some fruit and vegetables to explore the concept of floating & sinking at group time.

We named each one including sweet potato , zucchini , plums etc and then got to vote whether we thought it would float or sink.

Our orange floated but l when l peeled all the skin off it sunk. The children were asked to consider why this happened and one child suggested that maybe the juice can escape without the skin causing it to sink. Experiences such as this are aimed to provoke thinking , questioning making suggestions and test theories. I passed the skin around so the children could notice the tiny air pockets, holes in the skin and this information was then transferred to their understanding of how a boat floats but if it gets a hole or is damaged water can enter filling up the air pockets or spaces causing it to sink just like our orange. A very clever comparison by the children.

Nadine O’Brien


Outcome 4: Children are confident & involved learner· Express wonder & interest· Are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning

· Participate in a variety of rich & meaningful inquiry based experiences

· Create & use representation to organise , record and communicate concepts/knowledge

· Make predictions

· Use reflective thinking to consider why things happen

· Engage in co-constructed learning

· Experience the benefits and pleasures of shared learning exploration