To invite our dads to kinder we set about writing a letter to dad. The children each had a clipboard and using our whiteboard we carefully wrote the words Dear dad and our own names. The children were not sure at first how these letters were going to get to dad so we discussed how we each have an address and thought about the number on our letterbox , dads surname and the street name and suburb. Postcodes were a tricky conept. The children were asked about how mail gets to their house and quickly they responded that the postie takes it often on his motorbike.

After we worked out how to fold our piece of paper to fit in the envelope we got our money from our bag like big school kids in preparation to buy the stamp to put on it. Staff set up a little table with some stamps and a cash box and each child had to come to the shop and speak clearly to the shopkeeper to ask for what they needed remembering their manners. We dicussed how the stamp goes on the right hand corner. After everybody was ready we walked around the corner to where our mailbox was on Cardigan Road. It was a little high so we took a kinder block to boost us up.

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