The staff and children are super excited to be starting their kinder year here at Gray Court Preschool. This fortnight the children are coming in half groups to begin to esatblish connections to staff and their peers. Our goal is to provide time and opportunities for every child to feel safe and secure in our beautiful surroundings and begin to navigate their learning environment. As the children explore and create we are taking observations of their interests and passions. Many of the children are loving the painting area currently using it to express ideas , share knowledge and¬†convey images / subjects¬†things that fascinate them.We are sharing these observations with families through an emailed word document ” My first Kinder session”. Our year is off to an inspiring start and we as staff cant wait to get to know more about each of our incredible Gray Court Preschoolers.

Nadine O’Brien


Amos shared with staff that the sky has many fascinating things to look at including clouds, birds, aeroplanes. He was most excited to share that the sun can appear red sometimes and yellow other times.


Take a look at Bens turbo snail. Ben came to the easel with a very definate goal to paint his favourite movie character ” Turbo” . After painting he shared lots with staff about the character , what he could do and why he loved watching and painting this character.