Today Thursday 28th May 2015 we were very fortunate to watch Aiden’s baby brother Adam have a bath at kinder. The children excitedly helped to set the bath , towels and face washer with me and reminded me that the water had to be not too hot and not too cold but just right. Nart kindly spoke to us about baby Adam and shared with us that he had a hernia at his belly. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to consolidate our understanding that bodies as well as faces and skin colour etc are unique to each person and that differences are not a bad thing just different and unique. I showed the children my birthmark on my leg to use another example of our differences. The children all came over to be a part of this special experience and asked great questions “ Can he sit up”. Later at group time we discussed other differences we may have seen in the community and we discussed people who have hair on their face such as beards, moustaches etc… people who have lost limbs , people in wheelchairs, wearing glasses, hearing aids etc. Next week we will use the baby photos to make a growth poster about themselves and what they could do then and now that they are big kinder people.


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