3108, 2015

Sandpit Volcanos

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After enjoying making our own mini volcanoes inside we decided to work together to make a giant outside volcano. We explained that there were dormant and active volcanoes around the world. The children built the giant sandcastle then waited eagerly to add food colouring and vinegar to the bicarb soda to watch it erupt. The children […]

1307, 2015

Outer Space

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Lots of curiosity about outer space has come about with some of the children observing the moon was out and visible during the day. Also some astronaut play happening so we set up our rocket and accessories with the addition of Will’s beautiful planet mobile and books from home for us to explore and discuss, […]

106, 2015

Bathing Baby Adam

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Today Thursday 28th May 2015 we were very fortunate to watch Aiden’s baby brother Adam have a bath at kinder. The children excitedly helped to set the bath , towels and face washer with me and reminded me that the water had to be not too hot and not too cold but just right. Nart […]

3105, 2015

Mad about music

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Our Red group have been making music any way they can using their body percussions. Some interesting band names came up in play like Motley crew and Roaring Rah Rahs . The staff addded some instruments to the play and introduced some music to the program play and group time […]

2503, 2015

Visiting Yarralinda School

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Today we had the opportunity to connect with a school in our community called Yarralinda. It is a beautiful independent school with small multiage classes. They invited us to visit and take a tour of their facilities and also enjoy a movement, art and PE class. The children were truly excited to get to travel […]

2503, 2015

HatchingChickens at Kinder

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This fortnight we have had the opportunity to watch baby chicks hatch at kinder inside our incubator. The children have been glued to it waiting and watching for any sign of movement. Finally Wednesday 18th we had one chicken hatch then another 3 . Arriving Thursday to see our 4 chickens imagine the suprise when […]

1603, 2015

Duck, Duck, Goose

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The children are enjoying organising and playing games at kinder outside. They have had lots of fun negotiating hide n seek and today they initiated a chasing game outside called “Duck, Duck, Goose”.

The child get to go around the circle saying “duck” as they touch each person’s head until they get to the person they want […]

1603, 2015

Vegetable Science; Floating & sinking

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As part of our science studies at kinder today: Monday 16th March we used some fruit and vegetables to explore the concept of floating & sinking at group time.

We named each one including sweet potato , zucchini , plums etc and then got to vote whether we thought it would float or sink.

Our orange floated […]

903, 2015

Planting our veggie garden

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Planting our Veggie Garden

As part of our healthy bodies, healthy lifestyle program at kinder we will continue to discuss which foods are best for our bodies and why.

We will talk lots about fruits and vegetables that are grown above and those that grow below the ground.

We will continue to discuss how foods grown naturally in […]

203, 2015

Making a picture from shapes

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The children were asked today to use shapes to make a picture. Many of the children could come up with their own idea and plan for making the thing of their choice while others looked at others for inspiration or sought some support from staff with possible ideas to get them started.

Obviously the children have […]