This fortnight we have had the opportunity to watch baby chicks hatch at kinder inside our incubator. The children have been glued to it waiting and watching for any sign of movement. Finally Wednesday 18th we had one chicken hatch then another 3 . Arriving Thursday to see our 4 chickens imagine the suprise when we had 7 yellow fluffy chicks. This gave us a good chance to do the maths and work out how many more had hatched overnight. ( 4 plus ? = 7)


We couldnt wait til our chicks were a little bigger and stronger so we could touch and hold them. We discussed being gentle and how chickens feel pain, also we discussed listening to them chirping very loudly to communicate they are frigthened or uncomfortable.

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The children have been looking at books and joining in on conversations building knowledge about the lifecycle of a chicken. The children knew about hens and roosters and have enjoyed books like Cocka moo moo and Chickens arent the only one. This years children have been fascinated by what groups of animals are called such as a herd of seahorses and swarm of bees and school of fish and were very excited to learn that a group of egss is called a clutch.

Some of the things we have discussed and learnt about this fortnight:·  Why some animals lay eggs

·  What animal lay eggs

·  How a baby chick uses an egg tooth to crack its egg and push its way out

·  The difference between roosters and hens

·  How to care for and look after the baby chick, or any baby animal

·  Why farmers have chickens and other animals on their farms.