Today we had the opportunity to connect with a school in our community called Yarralinda. It is a beautiful independent school with small multiage classes. They invited us to visit and take a tour of their facilities and also enjoy a movement, art and PE class. The children were truly excited to get to travel on the Yarralinda’s mini bus and see big school kids learning and exploring.

Listening to other teachers , having new materials and programs to participate in was a wonderful opportunity for the children . Our movement session was much loved as we got to pretend swim in the waves as well as surf on boards. After movement we ventured to the amazing art room with a tree right in the middle of the room. Here we got to use shaving cream and paint to make swirls then print it onto paper . Our waves looked unique and we got to take them home protected in a cup. PE was also great fun with us jumping like kangaroos balancing bean bags on shoulders and knees and then playing scraecrow tiggy and other fun running games.

We had an amazing time at Yarralinda Primary school in Mooroolbark and are very grateful for the experience provided to us.Dont forget to take a look and consider this option when choosing a school

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Commuity :Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

* Engage in events and environments in a responsible and active way

*Introduced to different people and the idea of communities.

* Consider how and why other places are different from their own

* Begin to compare rules in games & sport

* Listen to others suggestions