Just as important as it is for our children to develop connections it is also vital that our parents feel welcome and connected to the centre, staff and to the other parents. We organised a get to know you morning tea where the children were excited to get to cook and make cake and chocolate balls for their parents. I know it was a great sucess because when l came in to share some things about the program there was excited chatter evrywhere, very hard to get their attention. Cooking is a regular part of our program at Gray Court Preschool and has many benefits for children. It is a wonderful opportunity for numeracy and maths concepts ( 1/2, 1/4) not to mention indepndence and heaps of fun. Take a look!




Why do we cook at kinder?Cooking is a wonderful experience for children, giving them opportunities to explore maths concepts such as measurement, volume and weight.Cooking is a sensory experience allowing the children to use all their senses, taste, touch, sights, smell, hearing, in a very concrete and relevant activity.Cooking creates a sense of purpose and achievement for children. Giving them opportunities to hypothesise, create and produce food that not only they, but others can enjoy.