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Colours and making colours has been an interest and something we are expanding on this fortnight at kinder. The children are loving experimenting with mixing colours to make new colours through using a wide variety of materials such as finger paint, shaving cream with edicol dye, coloured water and dye on top of ice. Group times are consolidating our knowledge and extending it to include new colours such as silver, gold, grey and the absence of colour black.Painting on melting ice presented opportunities to watch the colours run and mix together to make new colours. There is nothing better than learning through discovery so lots of thought and time goes into planning experiences that engage the children to find out what happens when they try different things. We have also been supporting children’s discoveries through conversations about primary colours and then making secondary colours. Outside we are also looking at colour mixing using our water wall to mix red, blue and yellow water with each other to see the colours become secondary colours. Science experiments have got us thinking about what will happen and patiently watching to test our theories. Blue and yellow became green both with our water experiment and using our projector. Discovering this knowledge through hands on learning is what makes it real , engaging and meaningful for young children.

Outcome 4 : Children are confident and involved learners

* Make predictions

* Apply a wide variety of thinking

* Participate in a variety of rich meaningful inquiry based experiences

* Be a curious engaged , enthusiastic learner