A had sparked our curiosity about rocks with his show n tell earlier and our interest in volcanos so Hannah our student teacher set about to do some science with the children to demonstrate how rocks are formed. She used grated crayon and pastel / different colours and explained that intense pressure and sometimes pressure and heat help fuse the particles together to make different rocks. Sedimentary rocks are formed by intense pressure so we all tried our hardest to push and squeeze the pieces to fuse them together. Metamorphic rocks needed heat and pressure so Hannah used a cup of boiling hot water . The children were surprised when Hannah opened the parcel seeing how the rocks had formed. This has created great curiosity in rocks in our yard with the children using them to draw onĀ certain surfacesĀ , looking at them more closely under a magnifying glass and we also painted some small rocks so we could take one home. The children are fascinated in nature and enjoy theopportuntiy to absorb such indepth information in a fun and engaging way. Our moto never underestimate children they are ready and eager for knolwedge.

Nadine O’Brien

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