Lots of curiosity about outer space has come about with some of the children observing the moon was out and visible during the day. Also some astronaut play happening so we set up our rocket and accessories with the addition of Will’s beautiful planet mobile and books from home for us to explore and discuss, The children have pretended outside to be astronauts and travel to various planets which has opened up discussions about gravity , which we will continue to explore with some science. The children are using parachute people outside from high spaces on our climbing equipment and we are also adding baking paper to as a parachute to outside objects such as gumnuts and marbles etc to see which falls faster.  Being at the control table outside saw children touching each number as they counted backwards from 10 to zero launching their friends into outer space.  We will continue looking at the moon phases , matching shapes such as full moon, half moon,crescent etc…and doing some movement & science to understand why we sometimes see the moon in the day time and to learn about planets rotating and the sun being a star.

Nadine O’Brien

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