Group observation : Thursday 26th Feb 2015

The 4 boys C, N, A and J were playing down near the digging patch. They discussed pushing the table up closer to the large metal scramble net. As it was heavy they got it stuck on the edging and could see that it was wobbly and unsafe. A came to get a staff member to help make it safe for climbing on to reach the pole. Each boy lined up to have a go but J was unsure. N suggested he ask a staff member to help. The staff member did and after one go J confidently did it independently. All 3 boys acknowledged his success and cheered him on. They continued scaling, holding and moving their own body weight across the length of the bar before dropping and landing safely in a motorbike land with knees bent. Next they moved on to the fireman’s pole and inspired many others to challenge themselves and give it a go. Being open to challenge and risking yourself is vital for learning and growth. We were excited to see this play evolving in our kinder yard and witness the incredible support our red group children gave each other.


DSCN4549 DSCN4550 DSCN4553 DSCN4562 DSCN4570DSCN4569




* Demonstrate trust and confidence

* Seek out and accept new challenges

* Celebrate their own and others achievements

* take risks seek support

* engage in increasingly complex motor skills

* Manipulate , use equipment with increasing coodrdination and skill

* Show enthusiasm for physical play and negotiate spaces to ensure safety and the wellbeing of others


Nadine O’Brien