1603, 2015

Duck, Duck, Goose

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The children are enjoying organising and playing games at kinder outside. They have had lots of fun negotiating hide n seek and today they initiated a chasing game outside called “Duck, Duck, Goose”.

The child get to go around the circle saying “duck” as they touch each person’s head until they get to the person they want […]

1603, 2015

Vegetable Science; Floating & sinking

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As part of our science studies at kinder today: Monday 16th March we used some fruit and vegetables to explore the concept of floating & sinking at group time.

We named each one including sweet potato , zucchini , plums etc and then got to vote whether we thought it would float or sink.

Our orange floated […]

903, 2015

Fruit Tasting

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Preparing &Tasting our Fruit

Today as part of our healthy eating focus we cut up and prepared lots of different fruit ready for tasting.

The children helped to name each of the fruits and then used their fine motor skills to cut up the fruit into pieces ready

The children were excited to make choices about the minimum […]

903, 2015

Planting our veggie garden

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Planting our Veggie Garden

As part of our healthy bodies, healthy lifestyle program at kinder we will continue to discuss which foods are best for our bodies and why.

We will talk lots about fruits and vegetables that are grown above and those that grow below the ground.

We will continue to discuss how foods grown naturally in […]

203, 2015

Making a picture from shapes

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The children were asked today to use shapes to make a picture. Many of the children could come up with their own idea and plan for making the thing of their choice while others looked at others for inspiration or sought some support from staff with possible ideas to get them started.

Obviously the children have […]

203, 2015

Challenging ourselves Physically

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Group observation : Thursday 26th Feb 2015

The 4 boys C, N, A and J were playing down near the digging patch. They discussed pushing the table up closer to the large metal scramble net. As it was heavy they got it stuck on the edging and could see that it was wobbly and unsafe. A […]

103, 2015

Colour Mixing & Science

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Colours and making colours has been an interest and something we are expanding on this fortnight at kinder. The children are loving experimenting with mixing colours to make new colours through using a wide variety of materials such as finger paint, shaving cream with edicol dye, coloured water and dye on top […]

103, 2015

Making Morning Tea for our Parents

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Just as important as it is for our children to develop connections it is also vital that our parents feel welcome and connected to the centre, staff and to the other parents. We organised a get to know you morning tea where the children were excited to get to cook and make cake and chocolate […]

1602, 2015

The Kinder Restaurant

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Great excitement today when some of our boys found the aprons in the home corner. One suggested they put the cooking things on so they could be chefs. Others quickly came across to try some of the food they were preparing. Staff entered to extend their conversations and add some terminology to the conversation such as aprons, […]

802, 2015

Red groups 1st week

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Red Groups 1st Week

All children have been in now for their first official week of kinder. It can be very overwhelming at first for young children to come into a new rules and routines, new teachers, peers and a new space to navigate. Every child did a great job of following our 4/5 year old […]